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Food Truck Pairings in Traverse City

I was invited to come up to the Traverse City Microbrew and Music Festival to add a beer and food component.  WIth the craziness of a busy fest filled with lots of attractions, we knew there would be challenges to a sit-down dinner or educational presentation.

When I heard they were creating a small campus of food trucks, featuring the latest development in Traverse City food scene, I came up with an idea, which was guided Beer and Food tours. 

Last night, I took two different groups of 8-10 people on a walking tour of the food trucks, while pulling a wagon that had growlers of beer on ice from various featured breweries.  I selected food items in advance, and chose beers that I thought would pair nicely.  We arrived at each food truck, they provided sample sized bites, and we hung out in the Summer air and talked about flavor.

The few logistical hurdles were overcome, and overall I felt it went over swimmingly.  I enjoyed the pairings, and conversation.  

Here are last night's pairings, for those of you returning to the fest today.  (VIPs at 3 pm, Public at 4 pm) I'm also offering 3 more tours today (Saturday).  Come on by the Beervangelist Tent where I have books and New Holland Schwag for sale.  I'll likely repeat some pairings and try a few new ones.  I also may adjust the times slightly, so come on by to reserve a spot by signing up on the list.  They are complimentary (FREE), courtesy of the TCMMF, the CherryT Ball and the Beervangelist.  


Friday's Food Truck Pairings: 

Tour #1:

Truck:  Roaming Harvest

Food: Blackened Whitefish Tacos, Cumin Cilantro Slaw, Sriracha Sour Ceam

Beer:  Paleooza, New Holland Brewing Company - Holland, MI


Truck: Siren Hall

Food:  Crispy Cheese and Potato Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream

Beer: Oktoberfest - Schmohz Brewing - Grand Rapids


Truck:  Michigan Venison Company

Food:  Mushroom & Onion Whitetail Bratwurst

Beer:    Porter - Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH


Truck:   Harbor 22

Food:  Spring Roll: Asian Slaw, Grilled Chicken Breast, Thai Peanut Sauce

Beer: Maracaibo Brown, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, Dexter, MI

Tour #2

Truck:  Curbie

Food:  Paella

Beer:  Farmhouse Hatter, New Holland Brewing, Holland, MI


Truck:  Dragon Wagon by Red Ginger

Food:  Thai Tacos, Pork with thai herbs and lime crema

Beer:  Peach Basil, Dark Horse Brewing, Marshall, MI


Truck:  Bay Town

Food:  Fettucine Bolognaise

Beer: Northern Hawk Owl, Right Brain Brewery, Traverse City, MI


Truck:  Seeds Woodfired Pizza

Food:  Shitake Mushroom Pizza

Beer:  Bentley Oatmeal Stout, Filling Station Brewery, Traverse City, MI

Come by and visit, buy a book or take a tour!   



Food Truck Tours - Sign up at the Booth   (Saturday times subject to change)

Food Truck Tours - Sign up at the Booth

(Saturday times subject to change)