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Fred & Ginger

On January 2nd, Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer interviewed me for her show,  Beer Radio on KSKQ Public Radio, Portland Oregon.  A friend brought it to my attention recently, and it just dawned on me that I don't think I ever posted the link.

It's about an hour, and is a streaming archive from their Public Radio Archive.   Ginger ia a generous host, who always gets me riled up and rattling on about various parts of my life in beer.   You'll soon know why I claim that she has the best laugh in the world of beer-radio.

espouse on various topics ranging from the Danish food and drink culture & Julfrokost (which i mistakenly compared to a Smorgasbord - GASP), to my own food and drink awakening as well as what was at that time, an ongoing book project.   It's definitely a full length interview, with engaging conversation and a pretty good look into why I care about food and drink.

Good listening for your kitchen, while you make some summer treats and enjoy a nice cold beer. 

Cheers and Thanks Ginger!


BeerRadio Episode 82/January 2, 2013 - Fred Bueltmann, New Holland Brewing

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